11 Under-$150 Basics Needed for a Travel Capsule Wardrobe

I actually just returned from a trip myself, and as someone who really struggles with packing, I had a stroke of inspiration while preparing for this particular trip. The trip was to Santa Fe, New Mexico, and the itinerary entailed everything from hiking to dining at fancy restaurants, so you can see why packing would be a challenge.

While formulating my outfits, I found that the main thing I needed to purchase for the trip was basics. Nearly every item I ended up packing was a basic, and I used accessories to dress the outfits up or down. So I thought, wouldn’t this be much easier if I had a collection of basics I pack for pretty much every trip (with some variations for the different seasons)? And even better if they’re affordable.

So with spring and summer travel on the horizon, I’m making formulating a travel capsule wardrobe comprised of basics my goal. If your goal aligns with mine, scroll on to shop the versatile pieces that you’ll be able to use to create tons of chic outfits, all of which are under $150.

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