29 Fresh Pairs of Sneakers That Are Truly Seasonless

No, it’s not just you—everyone’s buying fall clothes right now. And yes even though I’m clinging to summer as much as I can, I’m one of those early birds stocking up on sweaters and boots as we speak. That feeling of suddenly needing to buy new things at the top of each season (even if you don’t exactly need them) is sort of like buying fresh notebooks before a new school year— it’s a mood booster that also makes you feel prepared. Yet realistically wearing anything remotely fall-like right now will leave you melting in the late summer heat. To scratch the itch of newness and for something you can actually wear right away, I love to turn to seasonless staples like sneakers.

Think about it: you can wear them all 365 days of the year and not really feel out of place. And if instant gratification is the goal, then buying new sneakers makes a bit more sense than splurging on a pair of boots you can’t wear until October. With all of this in mind, I have just the pairs to consider for the task. From ultra sporty shapes to classic styles with a hint of trendy, I’d advocate adding each of the below 29 pairs to your collection now. 

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