30 Balletcore Items Approved From a Former Ballerina

When I think about my first love, the first place my mind goes is to a dance studio. Growing up, the dance studio was my safe haven, as after school, I would go straight from there, sometimes for six hours at a time. I loved to dance and I was there seven days a week. I have even danced in The Nutcracker ballet several times,  traveled to different cities with my studio to compete, and eventually, when I was 18, I joined a dance company. Dance was the center of my universe for the longest time, and I loved it that way.

Being a dancer and a performer has helped prepare me for so many things in my life, so when balletcore aesthetic started trending on TikTok and Instagram, I knew this was my area of expertise. As someone who used to actually spend time at a ballet barre, going on dance auditions, and countless dance convention weekends, I knew exactly which pieces to shop to add that “on my way to ballet class” vibe to a look. While feeling nostalgic for my dancer days, I decided to do a deep dive into the best balletcore items on the market right now. I found 30 picks that were absolutely perfect. From the most darling pink workout sets to dainty hair accessories and onesies, you’re going to want to take a look at these.

Keep scrolling to see which items made the cut.

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