7 Dated Summer Trends Our Editors Are Swerving This Season

It’s a little-known fact that most people who work in fashion are hoarders. This is because we know that fashion is cyclical, and many of us have learned the hard way never to get rid of the items we once loved to wear. Not only will they most likely come back into style, but you never know when you might happen across a more current way to wear them.

Still, the nature of fashion is that trends ebb and flow in popularity, and when something has been around for a long time, its initial appeal is sure to wear off at some point. That’s when some might label these pieces as being “dated.” With a new season in our midst, our editors have taken a moment to think about the trends that have had more than their fair share of time in the style spotlight and which fresh looks we’d like to see gain momentum this summer.

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