Call an Editor: 7 Fashion Problems We Solved Immediately

We’re always looking to solve your fashion problems here at Who What Wear, so I thought it was about time we extend a helping hand and see what exactly our readers needed some assistance on. After all, there’s only so much our internal data can show, so why not head to the source? I took to Instagram to ask our 3.9 million followers what fashion questions were on their minds, and they certainly delivered. After sifting through the questions, I was able to narrow it down to 10 common problems that I could offer my editor-approved advice on. 

Below, I’ve listed out each of the top problems our readers sent over on Instagram and my solutions to their issues which include shopping picks (of all prices) and outfit inspiration to help alleviate the crisis. Consider this WWW’s very own fashion hotline. From styling the new denim maxi trend to finding an everyday handbag that doesn’t go over their budget, I’ve got a solution for each. Some are style issues even me and my fellow editors have experienced in the past, so I have an inkling you might find a problem you wanted to solve in this list as well. To find out, just keep scrolling.

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