Catching Up With Clinique’s Brand Ambassador Melissa Barrera

Can you share a little about your experience being a Clinique brand ambassador and what it means to you?

I love it! I love representing Latinas as a brand ambassador because I grew up with Clinique, and I know the presence that Clinique has in Mexico, which is huge. Being able to be the face of Clinique and having so many women look at me and think, “Yeah, she looks like me” or “Because she’s a brand ambassador, I could be a brand ambassador one day,” I find that beautiful. Clinique has been in my family for generations, so it feels very full circle to be an ambassador for a brand I actually know and love and that has been in my family for years.

How does being the brand’s ambassador reflect your idea of beauty?

One of my favorite things about the brand is that they genuinely care about making people feel good and making everyone accept their own unique beauty. I love how all the makeup products are skincare first. … When we look in the mirror, if we like what we see, it affects us in a positive way for the rest of the dayhow we carry ourselves, the energy we go into every room with. I always thought growing up that some people have flawless skin in middle school and high school, and some had constant breakouts and pimples, and it just feels unfair sometimes.

I feel now, being with Clinique, that beauty is an energy that comes from within, but we also want our outside to match our inside. I think that’s the mission of Clinique: to create products and be a brand that’s safe for all skin types and helps everyone achieve their best self. I love being a part of that message and knowing it’s a brand that’s accessible and safe for everyone to feel beautiful.

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