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A Bag for Life 

Knowing which handbags to buy might be difficult because so many options are available. A fantastic handbag can make any outfit look better, whether a pair of jeans and a t-shirt or a full-on pattern mix. However, knowing what bag to choose can seem as difficult as getting out of bed after a night out in a world where trends are continually shifting. There are too many different women’s bags to pick from and too many factors to consider, such as whether the bag has enough space for your essentials, matches your outfit, will be useful, and whether it is a one-season bag. 

What distinguishes a classic handbag? Some key indicators are simple silhouettes, exceptional textiles, high-quality hardware, seamless designs, great functionality, and versatility. You want to be sure it’s worthwhile before you spend a lot of money on a fashion necessity. We gathered a few bags that are timeless because of this.

The Accordion Handbag

Depending on the design, the accordion handbag can either be worn as a shoulder bag or held in hand, thanks to its long or short strap. Because the expanded sides of the accordion bag are its most distinguishing characteristic, both the strap’s length and size fluctuate. To expand to hold more items as needed and to appear smaller when there are fewer items inside, accordion handbags are made with sides that have extra material.

The Shoulder Bag

The most practical bag of all is the shoulder or everyday bag. Additionally, each brand has variations, making it even harder to resist purchasing several from various companies. However, we are not grumbling, are we? They are spacious and can accommodate all of your essentials because, let’s face it, we essentially carry a mini-supermarket anyhow. Just do it elegantly.


The Tote Bag

Compared to their other sisters, tote bags are often larger in size. They typically have a huge and wide bottom and are square or rectangular. Most of the time, the top half of the bag is open, making it simple to retrieve your items. Some of them have zipper closures because it’s becoming less common for bags to have no closure. Most of the time, tote bags have two handles long enough to be carried over the shoulder. It’s more of a preference than a regulation, though. Shorter handles and a removable shoulder strap are features of some totes. The bag is still a tote despite this fact.

The Satchel Bag

A type of handbag with a horizontal rectangle shape is referred to as a satchel bag, sometimes a Cambridge satchel. They are frequently used as school backpacks due to their academic design and practical book storage. Additionally, they have a cross-body strap, a short top handle, and a flat bottom that enables them to stand upright. Furthermore, they are frequently constructed of leather.

The Hobo Bag

This is a sizable bag with a slouchy shape made of soft fabrics. Due to the way it slumps when set down or carried, it is distinguished by a crescent shape under the handle. This bag is easily identified as a casual carry-all because of its distinctive shape.

The Saddle Bag

The name of this bag is derived from the old saddle used to support a horse, and it was initially designed to carry certain essentials when riding a horse, hence the name! However, after receiving several more elegant updates and chic styles, the saddlebag has become a necessary piece of clothing. A front flap with a fold-over design and a clasp makes a saddlebag distinctive. In addition, they often have long cross-body straps and are relatively small.

The Barrel Bag

A barrel bag is a cylindrical bag with two short straps for carrying by hand and, occasionally, a shoulder strap for use over the shoulder. The barrel bag offers more formality when travelling than a duffel bag but needs to be more casual to be used as a daily bag.


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