Hailey Bieber and EmRata Are Ditching Skinny Jeans for These

Whereas skinny jeans once dominated the celebrity street style world, spotting a pair in 2022 is about as likely as actually scoring tickets for Harry Styles’s One Night Only in New York concert or getting your hands on a pair of New Balance x Aimé Leon Dore 550s for a fair price. Instead, A-listers are frequenting a very different, looser pant silhouette these days. In fact, they couldn’t be more different from the skinny jeans of yore.

Introducing (or reintroducing, I should say) parachute pants—the breezy military-style pant trend that’s making the rounds among Hollywood’s finest dressers, including Hailey Bieber and Emily Ratajkowski. Bieber, who’s sported the trend on multiple occasions over the last few months, wore a navy-blue pair from 194 Local, a London-based vintage shop that Bella Hadid and Paloma Elsesser also buy their parachute pants from. For a day out running errands in L.A., the model paired the low-rise, slouchy bottoms with a heather-gray cropped tee and Balenciaga’s new It sneakers, the Runners. 

In a similar fashion, Ratajkowski took her dog, Colombo, out for a walk in NYC wearing a sage-green cropped tank with a pair of chocolate-brown cargo-style parachute pants and sneakers—no skinny jeans in sight. 

Though celebs like Bieber and Ratajkowski likely won’t swear off skinny jeans forever (after all, if low-rise jeans could come back, I’m sure skinny jeans will too one day), it’s clear that they aren’t grabbing for them like they once did. Now, it’s all about parachute pants. Keep scrolling to shop the trend. 

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