How French Girls Style Knee-High Boots With Basics

The Parisian aesthetic is often described as effortless with laid-back elegance. Given the appeal for many, we cover French fashion on the regular. Most recently, we shared the item many people in Paris wear to create their chic fall looks. Switching gears to footwear staples, there seems to be one sleek boot silhouette many of our favorite follows are wearing to complete their refined ensembles. Yes, we’re talking about knee-high boots.

The beauty of knee-high boots is that they add an instant touch of elegance to any outfit, which is probably a reason why fashion people in Paris turn to the style. In terms of styling, the boots are statement-making on their own, so elevated basics are often the clothing style of choice to pair with them. And that’s what we’re seeing amongst the French style set. Keep scrolling to see more of what we mean, featuring the outfits Parisians are wearing with knee-high boots. 

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