How Much Yarn To Knit A Baby Blanket?

Find out how much yarn you need to knit a baby blanket with our helpful guide. Best of all, you’ll avoid the frustration of running out of yarn mid-project!

Note: This is a rough estimate, and it varies depending on so factors like yarn weight, tension, the knit stitch pattern, the knitting needles size and blanket size.

If you do ribbing, cabling, pattern stitches like lace knitting or colorwork knitting techniques, add 10% more yarn to the yardage estimates outlined below.

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How Much Yarn Do I Need To Knit A Baby Blanket?

Calculating how much yarn you’ll need for Baby Blanket patterns and not running out of yarn can be difficult activities, but they don’t need to be! It’s pretty easy once you know how, but it does involve a number of steps. Find out how to do it below.

Things To Consider When Calculating How Much Yarn You’ll Need

I recommend using a Baby Blanket knitting pattern. The instructions almost always have a recommended yardage and suggested yarn weight.

There are a number of calculators available online that give a guide to how much yarn you’ll need. Most of them require you know the gauge of your knitted swatch with your chosen yarn, the needle size, finished measurements, shape of your project and the weight of your gauge swatch.

Math is used to determine the approximate yardage.

Knitted Baby blankets in stockinette stitch will take less yarn than most crochet blankets for baby. Check out this easy crochet baby blanket if crochet is your thing.

Guidelines For The Different Categories Of Baby Blankets

There are many options for the different sizes of baby blankets! Here’s a table outlining each in the list, and their suggested yardage requirements for a medium weight yarn, #4, (Worsted weight yarn), and finished measurements.

I don’t recommend super bulky yarn as it isn’t as easy to tuck in around a baby.

These yarn requirements are a rough guide. Please note my suggestions above, about all the factors that will affect exactly how much yarn is required. It’s always a good idea to purchase extra skeins of yarn. Just to make sure you don’t run out.

How Many Yards Of Yarn For A Baby Blanket?

Here’s my handy guide to different baby blanket sizes and yards of yarn required when knitting stockinette stitch with a medium weight #4 (worsted) yarn.

Baby Blanket Yarn Estimates
With Medium Weight Yarn (#4)

Baby Blanket Yarn Estimates
With Medium Weight Yarn (#4)

Here’s an example calculating how much yarn for a baby blanket that is size 36″x36″ using the weight of a knitted swatch.


  • Knitting Needles
  • 1 skein of Worsted weight yarn #4
  • Digital scales
  • Calculator
  1. Knit a swatch measuring 6″x6″.
  2. Wash the swatch and block it.
  3. Weigh the swatch on a set of digital scales.
  4. For this example the swatch weighs 1oz.
  5. Calculate the total area in square inches of the swatch – width x height – 6×6 = 36 square inches.
  6. So for 36 square inches (6 inches x 6 inches) you need 1oz of yarn.
  7. To find out how much you yarn you need for 36″x36″ you need the total area of the baby blanket in square inches. So that’s 36 inches x 36 inches = 1296 square inches.
  8. Divide the total area of your blanket by the total area of your swatch
    1296/36 = 36
  9. Now times the weight of your swatch which is 1oz by 36
    1×36 = 36 ounces.
  10. In this example a worsted weight yarn skein weighs 3.5 ounces with a yardage of 218 yards.
  11. To find how many skeins required: 36 ounces divided by 3.5ounces = 10.3 skeins. So rounded up you’d need 11 skeins
  12. To find out how much yardage: 218 yards per 3.5 ounces – 11 x 218 is a total of 2398 yards.

How Many Skeins Of Yarn For A Baby Blanket?

The number of skeins of yarn for a baby blanket depends on the baby blanket size. Smaller equals less skeins of yarn and bigger equals more.

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Have questions? I’ve got answers to what people also ask.

Tips for Ensuring You Have Enough Yarn

Follow my steps above to ensure you have enough yarn.

How Much Chunky Yarn For A Baby Blanket?

To make this Cuddly Baby Blanket in Chunky Yarn you need 775 yards (709 m). The finished blanket measures 31″ x 34″.

How Much Bernat Yarn For A Baby Blanket?

In this simple free Bernat Basketweave Baby Blanket pattern you need 390 yds/355 m of Bernat Blanket yarn.

How Much Loop Yarn For A Baby Blanket?

In this Loop Yarn pattern by Cutesy Craft for 40×40 inch baby blanket, you need 4 skeins of 18.2 yards of Loop Yarn. This pattern doesn’t require needles, you can use your hands. The loop yarn is designed for knitting with your fingers.

How Much Aran Yarn For A Baby Blanket?

Aran Yarn is slightly thicker than worsted weight yarn. Please follow my table above to knit a baby blanket in Aran yarn.

How Much Bulky Yarn For A Baby Blanket?

For this free Bulky Yarn Baby Blanket you need 840 yards (768 m) of Bulky yarn.

How Much Yarn To Make A Baby Afghan?

A baby afghan is approximately 33″ x 37″ and you need approximately 1392 yards of DK weight yarn. Try this pattern by Plymouth Yarn.

How Much Yarn For A Chevron Baby Blanket?

I love the Chevron stitch pattern and it looks fabulous as a baby blanket. One of my favorite Chevron baby blanket patterns is the Chevron Cherub Wrap that requires 738 yards of DK cotton yarn.

How Much Yarn Do I Need For A Crib Blanket?

A Crib Blanket is on the larger size of blanket sizes for baby. This pattern by Church Mouse Yarns is for a 40″x 40″ throw. It requires 1700 yds/1555m of light worsted weight yarn.

What Weight Of Yarn Is Best For Baby Blankets?

I recommend medium weight #4 yarns as the best weight of yarn for baby blankets. There are many to choose from and they come in a huge variety of colors and fibers.

What Is The Average Size Of A Baby Blanket?

The average size of a baby blanket is 34 X 46 inches but as you can see from my table there are many versions and sizes of baby blankets.


Hope you found these tips and helpful information useful!

Now you know how much yarn you’ll need to make a baby blanket, it’s time to start your next project! Want to know which yarn to use for a baby blanket, like acrylic or cotton? See my post here.

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