How Much Yarn To Knit A King Size Blanket? (1 Size to Fit 2 Types)

Our included yarn calculation tables give you the quick answers to the question – How much yarn do I need to knit a king size blanket. No running out of yarn!

Note: This is a rough estimate, and it varies depending on so factors like yarn weight, tension, the knit stitch pattern, the knitting needles size and blanket size.

If you do ribbing, cabling, pattern stitches like lace knitting or colorwork knitting techniques, add 10% more yarn to the yardage estimates outlined below.

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Note: A king blanket is much larger than a throw blanket, a twin blanket, and a queen size blanket.

How Much Yarn Do I Need To Knit A King Size Blanket?

Here’s the answer to how much yarn for a king size blanket – a King Size blanket dimensions = 90″x 110.” Estimated yarn yardage: 10,050 yd / 9190 m.

These estimates are based on the garter stitch in a Medium Weight #4 Worsted Yarn. If you need specifics on making a crochet blanket, see here.

Guidelines For The Different King Sizes

There are 2 different sized King Matresses in the United States – King Size and California King Size. The Calfornia King Size is slightly less wide but longer by 4 inches than the typical King size.

Here’s a table with suggested yardage requirements for a medium weight yarn, #4, (Worsted weight yarn), and finished measurement.

These yarn requirements are a rough guide. Please note my suggestions above, about all the factors that will affect exactly how much yarn is required. It’s always a good idea to purchase extra skeins of yarn. Just to ensure you don’t run out.

How Much Worsted Weight Yarn For A Knit King Size Blanket?

Here’s my handy guide for a knitted king Size blanket and yards of yarn required when knitting garter stitch with a medium weight #4 (worsted) yarn.

King Blanket Yarn Estimates
With Medium Weight Yarn (#4)

How Many Yards Of Yarn For A King Size Blanket?

To knit a King Size Blanket in a medium weight yarn it will take approximately 10,050 yards of yarn. Here’s how to calculate how much yarn for a king size knitted blanket measuring 90″ x 110″ using the weight of a knitted swatch.


  • US7 (4.5mm) Knitting Needles
  • 1 skein of Worsted weight yarn #4
  • Digital scales
  • Calculator
  1. Knit a swatch measuring 6″x6″.
  2. Wash the swatch and block it.
  3. Weigh the swatch on a set of digital scales.
  4. For this example the swatch weighs 1oz.
  5. Calculate the total area in square inches of the swatch – width x height – 6×6 = 36 square inches.
  6. So for 36 square inches (6 inches x 6 inches) you need 1 oz of yarn.
  7. To find out how much you yarn you need for a blanket measuring 90″ x 110″ you need the total area of the king size blanket in square inches. So that’s 90 inches x 110 inches = 9900 square inches.
  8. Divide the total area of your blanket by the total area of your swatch
    9900/36 = 275
  9. Now times the weight of your swatch which is 1oz by 275
    1×275 = 275 ounces. In this example, you’d need a total weight of 275 ounces for a King Size Blanket.
  10. In this example a worsted weight yarn skein weighs 3.5 ounces with a yardage of 218 yards.
  11. To find how many skeins required for the king size blanket: 275 ounces divided by 3.5 ounces = 78.6 skeins. So rounded up you’d need 79 skeins
  12. To find out how much yardage: 218 yards per skein – 218 x 79 is a total of 17,222 yards.

How Many Skeins Of Yarn For A King Size Blanket?

50 skeins of yarn for a King Size Blanket. This is based on a typical worsted weight yarn weighing 3.5 oz which has 201 yds/184. Divide the total yardage, in the example above it’s 10050 by 201 which equals 50.

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Have questions? We’ve got answers to what people also ask.

How Much Merino Wool Yarn To Use For A King Size Blanket?

You need approximately 11lbs of Merino Wool Roving yarn to make a King Size Blanket of 60″ x 80″. Be aware that this is a expensive project, over $300USD!!

How Much Chunky Yarn For A King Size Blanket?

To make a king size chunky blanket knitting pattern, you need approximately 2333 yd / 2133 m of a yarn weight #6

How Much Bernat Blanket Yarn For A King Size Blanket?

You need approximately 2333 yd / 2133 m of Bernat Blanket Yarn for a finished blanket King Size measuring 108” / 274 cm x 90” / 229 cm.


Hope you found these tips and helpful information useful! Now you know how much yarn you’ll need to make a king blanket, it’s time to start your next project. Need answers on how much yarn for baby blankets? See my guide here.

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