I Just Moved from Paris to NYC—6 Staples I’m Wearing

If the name Xenia Adonts rings a bell, it’s probably because you’ve spotted her working with the world’s most sought-after luxury labels or watched one of her hilarious Get Ready With Me videos on TikTok. Maybe you’ve even shopped her line of elevated wardrobe staples, Attire, which feature prominently in her outfits. Regardless of how you came to know the German It girl and designer, her large influence can’t be denied and today we’re digging into what makes her style so good. In short, the foundational staples that make up her A+ wardrobe.

While she was formerly based in Paris, Adonts recently made the move across the Atlantic to NYC and like with any big life change, the move has undeniably altered her how she gets dressed from day to day. Paris and New York may both be major fashion capitals, but as anyone who’s visited both, the two cities have fairly distinct sartorial palettes, and Adonts has certainly adapted to fit with the pace, lifestyle, and aesthetic of her fellow New Yorkers. So without further ado, here are six clothing items that Xenia is wearing on repeat in NYC.

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