Reviewed: Kosas Glow I.V. Vitamin-Infused Skin Enhancer

Main skin concerns:

Dullness, dryness, uneven skin tone, some pigmentation (thank you, L.A. sun!) and acne scars.

What were your hopes and dreams for the Kosas Glow I.V. before trying it?

Even though this product can be used multiple ways, I wanted it to be a magical skin elixir that would make my no-base makeup days (aka when I’m running wild around town without foundation and concealer) a little more glowy. I wanted something that would help even out some of the redness and pigmentation in my skin without looking like I was wearing any type of makeup. My skin has also been especially dry and dull this winter, so I was dreaming of an instant injection of brightness and light-catching glow. 

How did you apply it?

I mixed it in with a barrier-protecting ceramide-rich serum I’ve been loving and applied it straight-up with my hands. I had also applied a little bit of eye cream, under-eye brightener, and chapstick.

What would you rate it from one to five and why?

I would give this a four! Just like the name suggests, I did feel like my complexion got an instant shot of glowy radiance. My skin looked brighter, slightly more even (a V red acne scar by my lip looked less noticeable), and all around more hydrated and bouncy. Not surprising considering the amazing, vitamin-inspired ingredients. The only thing that is stopping this from getting a full five out of five for me is the fact that when the light hits just so, it is pretty shimmery. I personally liked the glazed-doughnut effect it gave my skin, but it does lean a tad Edward Cullen. That said, because it is tinted, it looks less blatantly sparkly. Now that I’ve tried it, I’ll definitely use the bronzy shades all over my chest and shoulders (so pretty) and will continue to mix the lighter shades in with my skincare on no-makeup days. (I kind of feel like it might be too much added in with other makeup products like foundation, but that’s just me!) I’ll definitely keep testing it as a highlighter just on certain areas of my face, like my cheekbones, brow bones, and Cupid’s bow, as well. Also, fair warning, a little goes a long way! This tube will last you longer than you think it will.

Will you keep using it in your routine?

Yes! It instantly took my skin from The Walking Dead to alive and bright and radiant. 

Would you recommend it product to a friend? 

Yes, I think it’s a great clean, multitasking product. People can really customize how they want to use it, and I think it looks really beautiful on the skin.

What did you love and not love?

My favorite thing was how instantly it transformed the look and feel of my skin. Least favorite would probably be that it’s pretty concentrated in the shimmer department, but now that I know that, I’ll be able to adjust my application accordingly.

How does this product compare similar products you’ve tried?

Def more shimmery! But it didn’t feel oily or slick on my skin, and it actually has skin-improving ingredients like glutathione, algae extracts, and the brand’s special botanical complex called Vitaglow-D. It’s by far one of the best skin-enhancing complexion products I’ve tried, and I’ve tried lots.

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