See the $9 Tall Sock Trend, From Bella Hadid to Rosalía

These days I’m convinced that if Bella Hadid stepped out wearing a literal garbage bag, a throng of her so-called Bellabots would go out and do the same. Okay, maybe that’s a little dramatic, but you get the idea. The supermodel’s sartorial influence is not to be denied—from Adidas Sambas to platform Uggs, we just highlighted the seven trends she made famous in 2022. And, surprise, we’re back again to add one more item to that list: tall socks.

While Miss Hadid hardly invented this top-drawer staple (it’s gone in and out of style since the 1920s), she’s definitely made it her signature look this season, so much so that we can trace the impact her styling choices have had on the rest of the fashion world. And just below, we’re doing just that. Everyone on Instagram (including more celebs that include Rosalía and Iris Law) are wearing knee-high socks with skirts and ladylike shoes like pumps and ballet flats, proving just how popular the “grandma” item has become. What’s more, you can find it on Amazon for $9 and across the internet for not much more than that, making it a delightfully affordable trend piece to try out for yourself.

Ahead, see how Bella Hadid and more celebs are wearing the tall socks trend. Then, shop the cheap but impactful accessory trend.

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