Statement Hats Will Be Spring’s Biggest Accessory Trend



Throughout time, there have been debates about the importance of fashion. Some find it ripe with frivolity. Others see it as a pivotal part of the culture woven into society’s fabric. While my own beliefs fall into the latter, I can sometimes understand why others may consider the matter of sartorial choices less than serious. There are, after all, so many new trends that can feel “unnecessary” at a time when so much is happening in the world that requires our attention. And while I’m an ardent believer in the importance of staying informed, I have to admit that one trend is top of mind for me: statement hats. 

Of course, hats have been around for centuries, and every few seasons, we see a specific style surge in popularity again. Nevertheless, as designers released their spring 2023 collections, it became evidently clear that this trend was demanding our attention. Across the board, over-the-top and often oversize hats that some might even describe as “frivolous” were spotted at various fashion houses. It was, in a way, the greatest indication of the times—with so many things in the world fighting to be noticed, of course, the most attention-seeking accessory trend would emerge.  

So to chronicle that emergence, I’ve done a deep dive through recent runway collections and Instagram imagery to show how statement hats managed to catch our awareness again. Plus, I’ve identified the six hat styles that will be big this spring. Prepare to embrace your inner drama queen because these hats will demand them to heed.

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