The 13 Best Tinted Lip Balms to Stock Up On

If you’ve ever been to Paris (or, ya know, watched Emily in Paris), you know that the French-girl beauty MO is unmatched. French women all seem to carry that certain je ne sais quoi—perfectly undone hair, glowy-but-bare skin, smudged eyeliner, and, of course, the oft-idealized “just been kissed” French-girl lips. 

Just about everyone in the beauty industry loves a French-girl lip. The ideal version is slightly undone (absolutely no lip liner), sheered out, and not too matte (and, conversely, not too glossy), and it has an overall effortless vibe to it. Though I’m never one to shy away from tinkering with my lipsticks to create a French-inspired lip look, that does, on some level, go against the overall point, which is that it’s meant to be effortless. Luckily, I think I’ve found the answer to always having French-girl lips: tinted lip balm. 

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