The Best-Selling Products at Sephora Right Now

Do you know how that psychological principle states that the more options you’re presented with, the less happy you are with the outcome you choose? That’s how I sometimes feel when I shop at big beauty retailers like Sephora. If I’m stuck between three different lipsticks, let’s say, then I find myself contemplating my choice long after my card has been charged. Did I choose the right one? Should I go back and exchange it? Should I even be looking at lipsticks? Maybe I need a tinted lip balm instead… and so on. Basically, it’s hard to feel confident with your choice when there’s such a wealth of other options up for grabs. 

Whenever I feel like this, I do one of two things: First, I consider going back to basics, shopping for products I already know and love. Second, I narrow my selection to only the best-selling products. This way, I can be more confident I bought the right product because it’s backed by so many other people too. It’s like getting a recommendation from a friend; it carries some weight. 

So, in the spirit of making everyone’s shopping just a little bit easier, I gathered a selection of the best-selling products at Sephora. These products range across all three major categories—skincare, makeup, and hair care. Without further ado, keep scrolling to see (and shop) them all. 

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