These Are the 30 Best Hiking Boots for Women, Period

I recently learned that the gorpcore crowd gets its name from a hiker’s favorite food: “good ol’ raisins and peanuts.” I had been wondering for the longest time what this trending “core” aesthetic’s name even meant, but it’s clear that hiking and all things outdoorsy are at the forefront. The aesthetic is mainly known for being utilitarian and functional with pieces like cargo pants, fleece jackets, and technical outerwear at the forefront. It’s effortless and rugged, so if that’s you, go all in. Think camping chic.

For those of us who are all about the glamour, um, most definitely, me. The idea of walking around in Nike, North Face, and Patagonia might be an immediate no, but hear me out. Celebrities are 100% already wearing it and making it look so glamorous, even Ms. Bella Hadid. So I’ve decided it’s worth giving a try, but there’s really only one aspect of the trend that has my attention, and that would be hiking boots. 

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