These Are the Best Clutch Bags You Can Buy Right Now

As an aspiring fashion writer in my teens, I remember thinking of women holding clutch bags as the pinnacle of chicness. Tucked under one’s arm, maybe with a coat hanging off one’s shoulders, probably holding a glass of prosecco… To me, there was nothing cooler. I pictured myself embodying the likes of Carrie Bradshaw when I would tuck one under my arm for a school party. Now, here I am a decade later, and they’ve come back, and I’m going to make the most of it. 

It’s not just The Pouch (with its investment-level price point) that we’re loving when it comes to clutch bags, either. There are so many to love—from quilted versions through to second-hand treasures. Keep scrolling to discover how the fashion set have been styling their clutch bags recently, and shop my edit of the best ones—from designer to high-street to vintage.

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