What Not to Wear to a Wedding: 4 Things to Avoid

I’m preparing for the height of the wedding season and have been aggressively reviewing the dress codes for each event that I plan to attend. Choosing which dress I’ll wear for which occassion is a big decision for me and I want to get it right. In my own personal research, I came across a lot of “dos” but the “don’ts” were far and few between. Yet we’ve all been to weddings where one or two people didn’t quite dress the part.

I decided that I should ask a bride what would be considered inappropriate on their special day and my mind immediately went to my colleague, Kat Collings, who is currently weeks away from her very own fairytale wedding in France. She let me in on her dress code, “The dress code of my upcoming wedding is “fun and formal”. For me, I found formal to be a nice middle ground between cocktail and black tie, where the vibe doesn’t have to feel too stuffy and red carpet-like, but also people know not to go too casual. I added the “fun” part to the dress code so people feel encouraged to wear color, prints, and have an ease to their look that I think will mesh well with the setting of South of France in the summer.”

With the excitement of seeing how “fun” her guests dress for the big day ahead, there are still a few “no can do’s” that Kat shared with me. She has been a guest at many weddings in the past and her observations led her to the 4 things she would not like to see at her wedding. Keep scrolling to make sure you don’t make these fashion mistakes.

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